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23 may – 24 may

Gap filling

Theatrical performance , Russia – Poland
The Car Organ
23 may
  • 22:00 – 23:00
24 may
  • 22:00 – 23:00

Theatrical performance Gap Filling is a set of lyrical sketches about the relationship between man and woman from childhood to old age presented by actors and equilibrists and designed by engineers and cartographers. The performance will be staged inside six open container rooms, each displaying its own individual story that is part of the general narrative.

AKHE is a theatre of artists creating vibrant abstract performances, where the plot is often created in the very audience’s imagination.

The Engineering theatre AKHE was founded in 1989 by members of the legendary Boris Ponizovsky theatre Yes-No — Maksim Isayev, Pavel Semtchenko, Vadim Vasiliev. The group was engaged mostly in performances within St-Petersburg’s urban spaces, starting its own stage performances in the mid-1990s. That kind of symbiosis brought AKHE international fame. Today, the theatre gives shows all over the world and participates in numerous theatre festivals. Collaborative performance by the theatre AKHE (Russia), Kampnagel (Hamburg) and teatr KANA (Poland)

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