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23 may

Naadya: Tesla show

Concert, Russia
Liquid Theatre
Do-it-yourself: the lost inventions
23 may
  • 23:30 – 00:30

Moscow band Naadya is one of the most remarkable phenomena on the Russian independent stage of late. Their debut video single “Pirates”, released in the spring of 2013, attracted all music lovers’ and critics’ attention: such powerful Russian-language songs haven’t been recorded for ages. In just a few weeks Nadezhda Gritzkevich’s voice won the hearts of thousands of people, and the group became one of the most talked about music phenomena in Russia.

’I’ve always wanted to sing in Russian,’ says Nadezhda Gritzkevich, previously known for her English-language indie-pop project Moremoney. ’We tried to create songs in which the voice would be an additional musical instrument.’ The other members of Naadya are guitarist Mariya Teryayeva, beatmaker Ivan Kalashnikov, bass-guitarist Sergey Burukhin and drummer Oleg Zanin.

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