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23 may – 24 may

Science Labs

Interactive science shows, Russia
Scientific Playground
The cinema programme
23 may
  • 11:00 – 18:00
24 may
  • 11:00 – 18:00

At the main playground, the Polytechnic Museum Science Labs are going to present interactive science shows Who’s Stronger – Man or Bug?, Vacuum Explosion, Surgical Race, Robot Battle, enormous pendulum, mathematics desk and chemistry workshops.

The Polytechnic Museum Physics Lab

Vacuum Explosion

How to make a real, loud explosion without making any damage? You will need a large metal barrel and water vapor – first, it will displace air, then cool down abruptly and turn into water. Vacuum is formed in the barrel, making it collapse under the atmospheric pressure.

Pendulum System

The pendulum is the most ancient way to measure time. The pendulum’s main feature is that its oscillation period is not influenced by body mass or oscillation amplitude, but only by the length of the pendulum suspension. The longer the suspension is, the longer the period of oscillation gets. The festival visitors will see a construction featuring pendulums with suspensions of various lengths. The oscillation phases of the pendulums change all the time, creating astonishing wave effects. There are no waves in fact, as the pendulums are not related to each other.

Hydro Rocket Launch

Any visitor has a chance to load a rocket, install it on the launching pad, pump it with air and pull the lanyard. Rockets fly up to 30 meters.

The Polytechnic Museum Biology Lab

Surgeon College

Try your hand at being a surgeon at the biology lab’s marquee – here you will get real surgical instruments to perform cystectomy on a professional laparoscopy simulator. But first you will need to accomplish a medical quest to gain some professional knowledge. Medicine professors meet future surgeons before the marquee. After the introduction, you will get a mark book. Only qualified surgeons are allowed into the marquee, where three operations are being conducted simultaneously.

Who’s Stronger – Man or Insect?

Nimble crickets, huge bugs, horrible tropical cockroaches, diligent ants – these anthropods can carry weight many times heavier than their own. And how many times will their body length fit inside the distance they overpass?

Our experts run competitions between kids and insect every hour: how many children will it take to carry a certain load far enough to compete with at least one ant?

Before the competition, the participants are weighed, measured and encouraged.

Nomine Herba

Don’t forget to mind your step and watch where you are going: every plant on the festival’s site will be titled with its own scientific name.

The Polytechnic Museum Mathematics Lab

Mechanical Puzzles

The game masters Kirill Grebnev and Dmitry Pevnitskiy invite you to their mechanical puzzles studio. The studio program is based on fantasy objects and amazing mechanisms. Simple objects conceal mysterious paradoxes and vice versa.

Puzzles are one of the best ways to develop research skills, logics, spatial thinking and heuristics.

Mathematical Puzzles

Theorems and extremum problems are highlighted at the Mathematical Puzzles stand. Especially for the festival, lecturers of the maths lab will present unusual methods of solving the theorems that we all know from the school years. The solution is found in a game. To warm up, try to solve a problem about a painting and two nails: a piece of cord is attached to the back side of the frame. How to hang a painting on two nails so that the painting will fall if any of the nails is pulled out of the wall?

Roger Penrose Parquet

Try to lay out a parquet with rhombus-shaped tiles using provided matching rules.


Try to build a circle of cog-wheels. Will they rotate? What if we take one away? Or add another?

Pillow Cube

Try to fit seven pillows of irregular shape into one cube.

The Polytechnic Museum Chemistry Lab

Chemical Show

Every hour, professors of chemistry give a real chemical show: burning water and fire resistant paper, fireless smoke and volcano on a desk, flying can and artificial rainbow – you have a chance to see all that at the festival!

Burning Iron

Everybody knows that it’s impossible to burn an iron pan. But if we take a piece of iron wad, heat it up and put it into pure oxygen, it will burn. We invite you to try it yourselves.

Blind Painter

Try to paint on canvas with invisible colorless reagents. We will process all the paintings in soda solution and find out who’s Munch and who’s Dali here.

Colorless ink is a set of solutions of various compounds that have a feature of gaining different colors depending on the environment. These reagents are called indicators. Colorless phenolphthalein becomes pink in soda solution, while thymolphthalein gets blue, naphtholphthalein gets green and ortho-nitrophenol acquires a beautiful shade of yellow.

Chemical Hopscotch

Play the chemical version of hopscotch – we invented it especially for the festival! There is a pattern with oxidizers and reducers outlined on the ground along with their reactions.

One player needs to toss a peever into a box with an oxidizer, and the other has to toss it to the reducer formula. Chemistry lab’s professors will help to mix the oxidizer and reducer drawn with the peever.

All participants