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23 may – 24 may

Scientific Playground

Playground , Russia
Science Labs
23 may
  • 11:00 – 18:00
24 may
  • 11:00 – 18:00

The program of the Scientific Playground involves two zones for 3−5 year-old and 6−10 year-old children.



A motorway with different kinds of surface (gravel, sand, etc.), a draisine over the river, a moveable bridge and a crane.

It is difficult for younger children to perceive audial information on elementary mechanics (blocks, gears, etc.), but they can get into the spirit of it by playing with the motorway.

Street audio system and acoustics

Street audio system is a stand where you can find out what wrenches, bamboo sticks and cooking pots sound like. Don’t limit yourself to keeping it quiet.


Hand trucks

Hand trucks help to understand mechanics and the law of inertia. What will happen to a ball if the truck suddenly moves forward?

Triangular wheels

Vehicles with triangular wheels show capabilities of the Reuleaux triangle.

Self-elevating armchairs

Try to elevate your armchair and do it faster than others.

Touching attraction

The installation is dedicated to the difference between visual and tactile perception. Here you will find holed boxes of the same shape but different in design. Try to put your finger inside. Will the contents of the box justify your expectations?

Construction kit

Blocks, gears and winches — build a big mechanical construction from them!

Mathematical sculptures

Join the construction of large sculptures from colored craft paper.

Three-dimensional geometry

A huge geometry puzzle made of colored foam rubber — play and learn three-dimensional geometry.

Playground Rules

What’s allowed? Smiling and having fun. Running and jumping. Solving puzzles and asking questions.

What’s prohibited? Drinking alcohol, bringing food. Every child under 10 years old should wear a bracelet with their parent’s or accompanying adult’s phone number. Adults are allowed to the playground only accompanied by children. The festival administration bears no responsibility for child injuries.

All participants