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23 may

Pep Bou

Show, Spain
The Car Organ
23 may
  • 21:00 – 23:00

Pep Bou stepped onto the stage as a mime in the late 1970s. His studies in technical architecture and his passion for the fine and visual arts all came together into one great dream — to create a soap bubble theatre. This idea took him onto the stages of theatres and festivals all over the world, winning the hearts of the audiences of all ages and from various cultural backgrounds. He has been honoured with a slew of prestigious prizes.

Bereshit is the history of the Universe explained in a colorful language of visual metaphors. In his show, Pep Bou combines science with theatrical performance, using soap bubbles. With the help of the bubbles, the magician will speak to the audience of the fundamental laws of nature, will try to understand — and outsmart them. Relying on scientific laws, Bou invites the audience to make a journey along the most brilliant milestones in history, from the Big Bang to the first living being, from the first bacterium to the first rational thought.

Jorge Wagensberg, a distinguished expert in museography and the founder of the museum of science CosmoCaixa Barcelona, plays the part of the narrator of the story.

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