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23 may


A workshop, Russia
Who’s the chief of the orchestra?
Liquid Theatre
23 may
  • 12:30 – 17:30

Playtronica is a constantly changing playground for children and adults. The workshop teaches to self-express through sound and rhythm and create musical instruments from materials at hand – from a bunch of fruit to a pair of boots, or buckets, or punching bags. The workshop uses the MakeyMakey technology invented by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, with the help of which any object can be turned into a touch-pad device.

The MakeyMakey complect includes clips, a USB cable and a computer. The clips connect two objects with the MakeyMakey keyboard. When you put your finger on a banana, a connection is formed, and the keyboard transmits a signal to the computer. And the computer thinks that MaKeyMakey is an ordinary keyboard.

Any material that has electrical conductivity is good for this technology – it may be ketchup, graphite pencils or lemons. The founder of Playtronica workshop and populariser of MaKeyMakey technology in Russia Sasha Pas says that the slogan of Playtronica is “Objects must sound!”

All participants