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23 may


A performance, an exhibition, Russia
23 may
  • 14:00

Sci-ku performance is poetry about love, the beauty of nature and science. Sciku (“sci” is for “science”) are three-line poems about the world around us built according to the canons of the Japanese haiku. While in the classical haiku the central place belongs to an image from nature correlated with human life, in a sciku this part is played by the unity of man and science.

Sciku is a new trend in popular scientific and kids’ literature, and the visitors of the Polytech fest will be among the first audiences to hear sciku in Russia. 20 participants of SKVT, the Polytechnic Museum project for young people, will present their poems – a result of both poetical inspiration and scientific work. In the creation of sciku dedicated to the theory of chaos, origins of the Universe and sensory perception the participants of the project were assisted by philologist Alexey Stekhov and microbiologist Anton Zakharov.

Sciku will be everywhere at the fest – come and look for them. You will also be able to create your own scientific poem. The curators of the project will help you print your poem or leave it on the asphalt.

Sciku and SKVT Performance will take place on Saturday at 2 p.m. on the book stage in the Space pavilion.

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