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23 may – 24 may

Hush… Don’t tell anyone! The secret stories of ordinary things

A performance, Great Britain
History of science in 15 objects
How to write about science
23 may
  • 15:00
24 may
  • 15:00

Storytelling professionals are convinced that a story well told in time can save any situation. The guests of the fest have an opportunity to check if it is true and get some training in storytelling. A Sherlock Holmes-style detective story will be told by John Farndon, the English writer, composer and playwright, author of the bestselling “Do not Open”.

During the last three months Farndon has been trying to make a brass bowl, a piece of pizza and other ordinary things talk. You will learn all about it at the Polytech Fest.

The performance will be accompanied by videoart by Patrick K.H. and live theremin music by Peter Thermen.

Stories and storytelling: John Farndon
Recorded music: composed and recorded by Natali Drosou
Violin: Rebecca Moloney
Theremin: Peter Theremin
Digital Art: Patrick K-H
Actor: Ilya Oks

All participants